A Note About These Sermons

I have had some who have responded that the sermons I have posted here don’t sound much like what they remember me sounding like.  I want to clear that up some.  These sermons are a bit unusual in that the subject matter, key verses, and sometimes the main points are prepared for me.  So I can understand why you might think that there is something a little off from what you were used to.

I am in a point in my life where I serve as an associate pastor and I have the chance to undertake new challenges.  Preaching sermons that aren’t originally my idea is one of those challenges.  I think it is making me a better preacher, but only time will tell of course.  But what I do know is this:  I am not being asked to preach anything that goes against my beliefs, just being asked to preach in-line with the vision of the founding pastors’ vision and direction.  So  while it may not have all the makings of one of my sermons from the past, it is my own line of thinking and production.  This causes me to look a little deeper and think a little harder about each sermon and how to bring the full light of God ‘s Word to bear each month when my slot rolls around to preach.  That can only make me a better preacher if one day I am called to lead a church of my own.  And it will for sure serve me well as long as I am an associate or even if I move out of full-time ministry altogether.

And shouldn’t that be what we are all striving towards?  I want to be the best I can be for the glory of God in anything I do.  And so, if I need to be challenged in order to improve my skill set-bring it!  If I need all of my many flaws as a leader, communicator, preacher, or pastor to be brought to light in order to determine what my calling truly is-let that bright light shine!  I do not want to miss what God wants to do through me because I am in a comfortable place.  I want to walk on the edge, on a trail so narrow, so dangerous that my only hope to make it safely through is to fully focus and rely on Him.  And I hope you would want that too.  Because when we think we have it all figured out by our own strengths, we have probably missed God somewhere along the way! Always strive to be better.  Always.  God bless.

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