I have found the one whom my soul loves…

I have found the one whom my soul loves…

Song of Solomon 3:4

April 12, 1997 is a date that forever changed my life.  It was the night that I went on my first date with Scott Smyth.  And I have to say, it has to rank up there as one of the best first dates ever.  Not because of where we went – Fuddrucker’s and Galleria Fun Country in Hoover, both of which are no longer in business 😦 , but because of the ease of conversation and feeling of comfortableness that seemed to have flooded our evening.  I remember the waitress at Fuddrucker’s came to our table about 4 times to take our order, but because we kept on talking, it took us forever to finish looking at the menu!


Young Love

With about 2 ½ years of dating under our belt, we tied the knot on September 18, 1999.  The day was perfect.  Everything went as planned without any issues.  We were surrounded by family and friends, sharing in our love and praying for us as we began the next leg of our journey.  Truly, I couldn’t have imagined being any more in love with this man than I was at that moment.


Wedding Day! September 18, 1999

July 19, 2004, the Lord blessed us with a beautiful baby girl, Zoe Porter.  I have heard that having a baby and then watching your husband hold them would make you fall in love with your husband all over again.  I have to say, I totally agree with that statement.  Watching my rugged, outdoorsy, hunter-gatherer husband hold sweet baby Zoe made me fall head over heels in love again.  And once more on December 11, 2006, when Elsie Mae made her debut into this world.  If we could see life through a cartoon lens, I think my heart would have been like the Grinch’s.  Now I don’t mean that my heart was 2 sizes too small, because I’m pretty sure my heart was big already!  But when the Grinch’s heart grew in size and busted the little metal frame, I feel like my heart did that very thing with each birth of our baby girls.


My heart growing every time I watched Scott hold our baby girls…


Elsie’s big day! December 11, 2006

But I have to say, there is one more life event that has caused me to fall even more in love with this man they call Scott Smyth.  It’s an event that I hope not everyone has to experience, and probably a very rare role that one’s spouse will ever have to take on.  On April 3, 2013, my sweet husband officiated my momma’s funeral.

Recently, several people have mentioned to me and/or Scott that when he speaks or preaches, a peace just seems to fill the room.  That when he speaks, something just seems to say that ‘everything is going to be okay’.  On that day of the funeral, as I sat on the side pews at Ridout’s Gardendale Chapel, Scott began to speak.  I felt that same peace wrap around my heart.  Tears ran down my face, a direct result of the grief and sadness in my heart for my mom, but also because of the overwhelming love and gratitude I had for Scott.  I knew how hard this was for him to do this, but because it had been one of my mom’s wishes, he did it.  It’s hard to officiate anyone’s funeral, but even more so when it’s family.  So once more, when I felt like I could not possibly fall any more in love with Scott, I fell again – hard.  I guess you can now add watching your husband officiate your mom’s funeral will make you fall in love with him all over again 🙂


Papa and his girls, Easter 2012

So Scotty boy, here’s to us!  You are my bug-killer, weather man, groundskeeper, night watchman, father to our children, best friend, and soul mate.  Love you more than I can ever say, write, email, text, or blog 🙂


Me and my man! November 2012

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